Retail Point of Sale Reimagined

Basket was built from the ground up by retailers to solve the problem of fragmented and ineffective systems in retail. Basket combines inventory management, back office, reporting and analytics, customer engagement, and payment processing into one seamless platform. This all-in-one solution simplifies operations, cuts costs, and improves the shopping experience, redefining retail efficiency.


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More than just a Point of Sale

Basket seamlessly blends a sleek and modern point of sale interface with a robust back office system. Our fully cloud-based solution eliminates the need for in-store and corporate servers, reducing cost and complexity. Our intuitive back office software streamlines inventory management, simplifies pricing adjustments, and facilitates tag printing with ease. Experience comprehensive insights through our mobile and web-friendly analytics platform, designed to track chain-wide performance. Additionally, our integrated customer engagement platform empowers you to connect with your customers and create personalized, loyalty-driven experiences. Elevate your retail operation with Basket,.

Industries we Serve


Basket Point of Sale is a perfect fit for grocery retail, from large supermarket chains to small stores, we understand grocery retail. Basket was built from the ground up to solve the problems modern grocers face, Basket can easily support multi store operations, hundreds of thousands of products and complicated TPRs and promotions. We support all the payment methods grocers need including EBT and eWic. Basket seamlessly supports ecommerce, mobile checkout, inventory management, tag printing and everything else the modern grocer needs.


Pet Stores



Perfect your Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Experience Basket’s Point of Sale, where checkout is redefined with versatility and ease. Compatible with any payment processor and supportive of SNAP benefits, it’s the ideal choice for a diverse range of retail needs. Choose Basket for a POS system that adapts to your business, not the other way around.

Talk to your customers with ease

Customer Engagement

Basket’s customer engagement platform transforms how you connect with your customers, offering rich loyalty experiences and customized offers. This innovative tool allows you to cultivate deeper relationships with your clientele, providing personalized interactions that drive loyalty and repeat business. With Basket, you can create a unique customer journey that stands out in the retail landscape.

Build your buisness
on a reliable back office

Back Office

Your back office software is the foundation of your operations, however we often see systems that are clunky, outdated and ineffective. Our back office system is different, Basket back office allows you to easily handles item and pricing management while integrating seamlessly with Basket point of sale. Say goodbye to inventory and pricing hassles and focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Wow your customers
with amazing promotions

Advanced Pricing and Promotions

Basket’s pricing and promotion engine elevates your retail strategy with the ability to set complex and personalized pricing rules. This innovative tool empowers you to tailor your pricing structure to meet diverse market demands and customer preferences, ensuring a competitive edge in the retail landscape. With Basket, crafting custom pricing strategies is both simple and effective.

Know Your Buisness like never before

Analytics and Reporting

Basket’s web and mobile-friendly analytics platform offers a comprehensive view of your chain-wide performance, tracking key metrics such as margin, sales, and shrink. This intuitive platform provides vital insights at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your retail strategy across all locations. With Basket, staying on top of your business’s health and progress has never been easier.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Inventory Management

Basket’s inventory management system is designed to streamline your receiving inventory and shrink tracking processes, ensuring optimal stock control and efficiency. With Basket, managing your inventory becomes a seamless and accurate experience.

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