Analytics and Reporting

Gain new insights with the best reporting and analytics in the industry. 

Enable your team to make data driven decisions with our extensive analytics and reporting platform. We make it easy to stay on top of new trends, analyze promotions and understand customer behavior. Our beautiful interface is available on iOS, Android and as web app so you can view your data anytime anywhere. Leverage Basket to stay ahead of market trends, refine your product offerings, and drive growth and profitability.

PowerFul Dashboards and Reports

Our analytics platform provides real-time access to sales, shrink, inventory, projection, purchase, and marketing insights, keeping your team well-informed. Our reports are customizable, enabling you to effortlessly obtain the specific information you need.

Available anytime anywhere

Our intuitive dashboards and reports are available on iOS, Android and as a web app, so your data is always available.

For your Whole Team

Fine grained access control keeps your employees focused on the data thats important to them while also keeping your data secure. You can set data access down top the store, department and even item level, allowing you to tailor the data access to every employees needs.

Email Alerts and Recaps

Keep your team engaged and simplify your reporting needs with our automated email reports and recaps.