Basket Point of Sale

POS built right

We built Basket Point of Sale to solve the problems we were facing as retailers. We leveraged our firsthand experience as retailers to create a POS system that excels in ease of use, integration capabilities, versatility. It features an open API for seamless third-party integrations, intuitive design for quick staff onboarding, full offline support to ensure reliability in all conditions, and comprehensive payment compatibility, including EBT and eWIC. This approach ensures Basket POS meets the diverse demands of the retail sector, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Built for retailer by retailers.

Fully Cloud BAsed

Basket Point of Sale is fully cloud based eliminating the need for store or corporate servers. This reduces cost and complexity as well as creating a more secure and reliable environment.

Robust offline failover

Built with an offline first philosophy ensuring reliability regardless of network status.

open API

We built our product with an open API architectuire, allowing the ability to build integrations with third-party software.

beautiful Design

We believe in intuitive and modern software design. Our software is easy to learn and use streamliing employee training and leading to less confusion among users.